Success Stories


Roger's Story

"I have been in the tractor industry all my working life. I can rattle off names of people I know personally that have been hurt and even killed over the years, and sadly we know that these tragic incidents keep happening. The ROPS Rebate Program ends up paying 70 to nearly 95 percent of the cost for our customers to retrofit their tractors with a rollbar and seatbelt, making safety affordable! Economically it's a no brainer. It's an awesome program, it really is." - Roger


Ginny's Story

"We all know that tractors are dangerous. It doesn't really affect you until the ones you love use them each day. When you work long hours and try to get all that you need to do done, you sometimes make shortcuts. Those shortcuts aren't always the safest. Knowing that Lee has a rollbar, I can rest at ease. In 2008 when he rolled his tractor and walked away, because of the rollbar, we learned that this life saving program is important for all to take advantage of. Being able to have peace of mind at such a little cost makes this program most valuable in my eyes. So not only is it my husband that is safe, but all farmers and tractor operators." - Ginny

Vermont ROPS

Senator Ritchie's Story

"As Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I know how critical it is to not only support the important work of our hardworking farmers, but also to keep them safe while on the job.  That's why in recent years, the Senate has advocated for funding for the ROPS Rebate Program, a vitally important initiative that helps to save the lives of those who work each and every day to grow and produce the fresh foods we depend on—and New York State's most important industry." - Senator Patricia Ritchie


Ralph's Story

"So, you never quite got around to getting rollover protection on your old tractor. Yeah, the seat belt is a pain in the neck. What is the big deal anyway?

Here are some ways that your decision can affect your community, the fire department and the emergency squad.

The first thing will be when you realize that you are caught up in that "oh s---" moment. I can't describe it but you will know when it happens. You'll have just a moment to regret not installing ROPS.

The fire department will respond to a "farm accident, tractor rollover, patient condition unknown". We will bring EMS with us or they will be coming along right behind. We'll have to find you. The best way to do that will be to ask the family member who initially went looking for you when you didn't come home on time. Imagine how unpleasant it will be for them to describe what they have seen and where we will have to go to find you.

Like most fire departments, we will respond with between ten and twenty firefighters. We'll get a good turnout because everyone knows how this will end up and they want to be there to help if there is any chance. Among these will undoubtedly be people who know you, maybe worked for you as a kid or even relatives of yours. They will have to deal with the picture of you in their heads. There will be sleepless nights. For a long time, every time your name is mentioned the vision of you that is implanted in their mind will come back to them. It isn't any prettier the second time or the thirtieth time. How long will this condition last? If it ever goes away we will let you know.

Reports will have to be written. Words that will be used: hemorrhage or uncontrolled, life threatening bleeding, caught under, body parts crushed by tractor, internal injuries and obvious death, so much damage to the body that there is no chance of survival.

Law enforcement will have to investigate. More reports and pictures. Finally the coroner will be there, hours later, for the final act. Zipping you into the black vinyl bag. The final good-bye.

Sure, for a little while the community will respond, bringing food for your family. After a while that will taper off and your family will be left to do the most difficult thing imaginable, not only carry on without you, but because of you. Please, take a minute and rethink the ROPS Rebate Program. Use all available safety measures. For the sake of all of us, please use every available tool to ensure your safety. We'd appreciate it. " - Ralph


Wayne's Story

"I'm certain that a rollbar saved my life. I was driving down the road in high gear when the pin fell through and the wagon came loose. It picked up speed and in an instant went onto the rear of the tractor. If the rollbar hadn't been there, I would have been crushed." - Wayne


Mike's Story

"September 1, 2002 started out a beautiful late summer day but quickly turned tragic when my older brother Dan who had recently purchased an older model John Deere tractor was involved in a rollover on a side hill on our farm. We discovered him lying dead next to his tractor which had rolled completely over and returned to an upright position with only the exhaust pipe and steering wheel showing any damage. This has become one of the worst days of my life as Dan and I were only a year apart in age and very close. Sadder yet was the fact that his fiancée was the one to find him and they had just begun to build their new house. At E-Z Acres, we knew that we were still using two other older tractors with no rollover protection and that this risk had to be mitigated. I contacted NYCAMH about their ROPS program and now all of our tractors are equipped with them and seatbelts thanks to the financial aid they offered. I strongly urge anyone owning tractors without these devices to contact NYCAMH and outfit them today to protect your family and employees from the tragedy that I experienced." - Mike