Self Installation

Program participants, with the exception of Wisconsin residents, have the option to self-install their ROPS kits. However, we do not recommend this approach because this can prove to be a long, complex, and physically demanding process for some tractor models. Professional (dealer) installation assures that the ROPS is properly attached and will not fail under the considerable forces generated in a tractor overturn. Those who do choose to self-install the ROPS assume the responsibility and liability for ensuring that the installation has been done properly.

We suggest you read the article "Pause For Thought: Should You Install a ROPS Yourself' by Henry P. Cole.(PDF)

ROPS Kit Checklist for Self-installers (PDF)

Please check your ROPS kit to make sure items are not missing. If you have questions regarding your ROPS kit, please contact the dealer or ROPS manufacturer.

Disclaimer: National ROPS Rebate Program staff members cannot provide technical assistance or advice; these types of inquires should instead be directed to your local equipment dealer or the ROPS kit manufacturer. If you need assistance locating a dealer, or connecting with a manufacturer, National ROPS Rebate Program staff can provide this information.